Julián García Walther

Julián supports the Cornell Lab of Ornithology with various aspects of the planning, coordination and implementation of the Coastal Solutions Fellows Program. Julian earned his B.Sc. in biology from the Autonomous University of Baja California and his bi-national M.Sc. of International Nature Conservation from Georg-August University, Germany, and Lincoln University in New Zealand. Julián has a multisectoral background product of his consulting work with NGOs, academia and the private sector. He has participated on a variety of wildlife monitoring projects in Mexico, New Zealand, Germany and South America. In Mexico—his home country—he worked on a dozen islands to conserve its biodiversity and collaborates on projects focused on the monitoring of threatened bird and mammal species in the northwest of the country. In South América, Julián supports the planning process of 2019 multi-national shorebird surveys to be carried out simultaneously in five South American countries. He is the author of the Atlas of the Shorebirds of Chile, product of the coordinated effort of six dozen volunteers throughout the country.