How to apply

We are pleased to announce our call for applications for the 2020 cohort. For more details, please click on the link to download our Call For Applications.

Pre-proposal application

Interested applicants should carefully read the pre-proposal guidelines before preparing and submitting a pre-proposal. The deadline to submit pre-proposals is May 31, 2019.

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Application process & important dates

Pre-proposal Candidate prepares and submits a two-page pre-proposal Deadline: May 31 2019
Pre-proposals are evaluated Selected candidates receive an invitation to submit a full proposal Notification: early July 2019
Full proposal Candidates prepare and submit a full proposal Deadline: August 16 2019
Final decision Selected fellows are notified and receive a confirmation letter Notification: October 2019
Fellowship starts Fellowship begins with the fellows/mentors training retreat Fellow begins: January 2 2020

Pre-proposal application submission


Pre-proposal application submission

Please submit your pre-proposal as a PDF file to using the following naming criteria: NameAndLastName_Pre-proposal2019 (e.g., JohnSmith_Pre-proposal2019). You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission.

Evaluation Criteria

Pre-proposals will be evaluated and prioritized using the following criteria:

The applicant’s experience and potential as a leader in her or his field and the capacity to integrate multiple disciplines.
  Desired outcomes of the project are feasible and align with the goals of the CSF Program.
  Potential for cross-sector collaboration.
  Potential impact on priority sites along the Pacific Americas Flyway.

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Next steps

The program staff will notify candidates on the status of their pre-proposals in early July 2019. Candidates whose pre-proposals are approved will receive an invitation to submit a full proposal. The deadline for full proposals is August 16, 2019, and the final decisions will be announced in October, 2019.