Become a Fellow

Be part of our 2019 class of Fellows!

The CSF Program is pleased to announce the call for pre-proposals for the 2019-2020 Class of Fellows! This inaugural class will be the first generation of future planners, developers, engineers, architects and scientists to apply cross-sector approaches, research and knowledge to address coastal threats in Latin America.

General requirements

  • Research/work must be on an issue directly connected to a Pacific Flyway shorebird site(s) in Latin America
  • Candidates must submit a proposal following the established guidelines
  • Candidates must secure:
    • A mentor: preferably in an institution or organization where the fellow is based
    • A cross-sector collaborator different from the fellow’s sector
    • An out-of-country collaborator based outside of the country where the research is taking place

Project requirements

The CSF Program is looking for Fellows interested in addressing current and future environmental challenges that threaten the integrity of coastal environments. We are looking for project proposals that draw upon scientific knowledge to define ecological and sustainability goals, while similarly drawing on knowledge and ideas from the private sector, engineers, planners and architects to develop functional and viable projects that target development needs and restoration goals. More specifically, the proposed projects should:

  • Harness cross-sector resources and knowledge from the academic, private and NGO sectors
  • Are place-based, and target  specific needs, threats or challenges
  • Are able to leverage  site-specific resources and opportunities
  • Contribute to the professional development and career goals of the Fellows

General requirements:

  • Latin American citizen or resident
  • Early career professional (less than 10yrs of experience in your field)
  • Based at a private, academic of NGO institution in Latin America during Fellowship tenure

  • Bachelor’s degree in a at least one of the following categories:
    • biology, marine biology, ecology, environmental sciences, natural resources or similar field
    • planning, architecture or engineering
Current status:

  • Current status must fall into one or more of the following categories:
    • Graduate student, post-doctoral researcher
    • Faculty based at a Latin American institution
    • Professional at a private company or firm
    • Professional at a non-for profit institution

Fellow requirements

We are looking for the talented professionals who are motivated to tackle pressing threats and challenges facing coastal environments in Latin America in new and innovative ways. Individuals must be both interested and willing to work across sectors and disciplines for the development and implementation of their projects.

The fellowship starts with a mandatory, 4-day training retreat for fellows and mentors. The retreat will include opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and project feedback, as well as targeted training in line with the needs of the Fellowship class.  The Fellow will begin their project, and work closely with the mentor and cross-sector collaborator. During the second year, the Fellow will attend the second retreat. This retreat will potential be linked to a conference, where Fellows will be encouraged to present their preliminary results. After the completion of the fellowship, the now Senior Fellow will become a core component of the Program, and take advantage of the opportunity to become a CSF mentor, collaborator or member of the Technical Committee. Senior Fellows will be also eligible to apply for collaboration grants to work alongside other Fellows on projects focused on coastal issues facing the Pacific Americas Flyway.

Fellowship Timeline


First year:

Fellows and mentors attend a 4-day training retreat

Fellow begins two-year project with support of the mentor and collaborators

Fellows report on project

Second year:

Fellows attend the second annual training retreat

Travel to train with an out-of-country collaborator

Fellows complete project and present results

Senior fellows:

Part of a lifelong collaboration community

Eligible for collaboration grants


USD 80 K over 2 years

70K Project funds & salary  5K Mentor support   +    5K Travel-to-train   =   80K

Two international retreats with professional development opportunities

Lifelong member of the Coastal Solutions Collaboration community

Eligible for collaboration grants