Julián García Walther

Cross-sector collaborator

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Call for application (download PDF).

Pre-proposal Guidelines (download PDF).

The CSF Program is looking to support projects that are informed and supported by cross-sector collaborations. The main requirement is that coastal scientists should collaborate with planners, architects engineers and developers (and viceversa) to draw knowledge and expertise from these sectors and achieve the project’s goals.






Potential collaborators can be listed at the pre-proposal stage, but should be secured for the full proposal.


  • Belong to a different sector than the fellow.
  • Individuals based at NGOs, private firms, universities or other institutions.
  • Reside in the same country where the fellow will be based during the fellowship (preferred).
  • Meet with the fellow to provide project feedback.


  • Work with other sectors to help achieve sustainable solutions.
  • Significantly contribute to the success of the project.
  • Networking opportunities with other fellows, mentors, and CSF program partners and supporters.